1 Peter5:6-7 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties (cares) on him, because he cares for you.

This verse contains 2 vital keys to promotion (no I do not think these are the only keys to promotion). First humbling or getting low under the covering of God’s mighty power and authority is a key that is repeated throughout the scriptures. Humility sets us up with protection, under His mighty hand, and guidance through the same mighty hand which also represents direction, power and authority. Becoming humble is a common teaching but we often overlook the simple truth of casting, giving, throwing the weight of anxiety on Him as well. The Greek word used here for anxiety is “merimna” which means “cares” with the inflection of distraction. Hmmm, casting what you care about that is a distraction upon Him.

Let me rephrase the second part of this verse, “…throwing the heavy weight of distractions and anxiety on His shoulders because he wants to see you completely free.”

How much distraction and noise do we have in our lives that are keeping us from true freedom by making us feel we are free yet at the same time they hold us and our time captive? (GULP!) Email, TV, Podcasts, the gym, Facebook, catching up on the last season of_____, maintaining our (desert, river, hunting) toys, researching the newest camera, texting, waiting for the next iPhone/iPad release, boy/girl friend, etc. Have you ever thought, really considered and processed the fact that what may be holding you back from your next great Kingdom promotion is all the distractions in your life? (I write this because I just realized this truth for myself) We so often think we need more education or more mentoring to “step up” but the fact is maybe we need to give God our anxious lifestyle of distractions!
(education and mentoring IS part of the process, you may de-ruffle your feathers)

Our God given promotion appears to be equally linked between humility and giving God our cares (distractions). Now might be a good time to evaluate what cares, anxieties and distractions are in your life. Turning them over will only lead and prepare you for promotion.

“God I give you my attention and I want to give you all my distractions, anxiety and cares. I give you my vacations, I hand over to you my TV and programming, I give you my surfing and all the preparations, I give you my fruitless endless research, my social networks, etc ….. I release all of these cares to you and I trust you will return to me what you see fit for me. Forgive me for my life clutter and now again, open my eyes to my calling.”