I was pouring my coffee over the sugar in my cup this morning and thinking about how the sugar must be drowned, engulfed and lose all of it’s air in order to be released into the coffee and change the flavor profile of the liquid making it sweeter.

We live in a liquid mobile society and in order to effect change in our environment we must be a part of it, engulfed, and lose our personal agendas in order to effect and change the (flavor) profile of our whole of society.

Be IN the world not of the world.

We must let Him work in our weakness.

What are you keeping out of the cup, a strength or weakness that God wants to saturate and change everyone around you? What are you worried about losing when you give it up to God? Those things are known as idols… Yep, that’s a harsh but true word. The fact of the matter is that God knows the desires of our hearts and He wants to give us complete fullness in those desires. But, we must first lay them before Him and He will return them with the junk shaken out and firmly pressed without wrinkles, perfectly fitting us in a way we had no idea was possible!